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At Cara Mia we specialize in personalized, one-on-one Daycare. Perfect for the owner that wants the TLC and attention focused on their pet and not a group. Open seven days a week, our full day package includes up to 10 hours of daycare when You need it. Drop offs by appointment as early as 4 am and pick up’s as late as midnight and YOU choose the allotted time frame you need.

For your pets comfort all packages include an individual, spacious, luxurious, climate controlled suite. There is always a clean comfortable bed, room service, premium bottled water, and calming classical music and for the sophisticated refined pet there is a indoor potty area that has the look and feel of the outdoors.                                       

Personalized Daycare Packages

Activities For Your Pet   Activities For Your Pet
Fitness Center Priviledges
  • Indoor Heated Ultra Swim Spa
  • Full Size Pet Treadmill
Treadmill   Treadmill
Private Walks Private Walks
Carriage Ride   Carriage Ride
Zen Garden Meditation   Zen Garden Meditation
Club Bone A Pawtité Lounge   Club Bone A Pawtité Lounge
Soothing Brushing   Soothing Brushing
Playtime   Playtime
Relaxing Warm Towel Massage   Relaxing Warm Towel Massage
Plenty Of Potty Breaks   Plenty Of Potty Breaks
Story Time   Story Time
Monday - Friday     Weedend Monday - Friday     Weedend
Half - N/A   -  N/A          Half - $21.99   -  $25.99       
Full - $79.99   -    $83.99   Full -  $28.99   -   $32.99
 Full Day = Up To 10 Hours

*Need to Add Extra Hours to Full DayPackage – Additional $2.00 Per Hour
*You are Welcome to Add Additional Premium Services to Either Package

Jet Set Boarding Packages

At Cara Mia Pet Resort we provide exceptional care for our exceptional guests.  From the time they walk in our luxurious Facility, your pet will be treated as the celebrity they are, pampered every step of the way.  We've taken care of every posh detail you pet has only dreamed of.  For your pets comfort Boarding packages include individual, spacious, luxurious, climate controlled suites.  There is always a clean comfortable bed, room service, premium bottled water and calming classical music.

Oprn 7 days a week with unbelievable crazy hours.  Your choice of  Premium Platinum or Gold packages.  Pricing includes a variety of Personalized  Daycare Activities and Overnight  Accommodations .  Jet Set clients will also receive a complimentary Royal Imperial Spa Bath on their departure day so when you pick them up they look and smell fabulous for you.

Once your pet stays at Cara Mia, they become Country Club Members That membership gives them VIP status that will entitle them to discounts on our Jet Set Boarding Package.  

Extended length of stay qualifies  for additional discounts, the longer your pet stays the greater the discount.

Additional pets may qualify for an additional $10 per day discount. Pricing is for each 24 hour period. If your dog stays past the time of drop off on pickup day, daycare charges will apply Holiday boards are subject to a minimum 3 day charge.

Our Boarding Packages include the same amenities and privledges as our Platinum and Gold Daycare Packages.


Indoor Heated Ultra Swim Spa
Full Size Pet, Treadmill,
Private Walks,
Carriage Rides,
Zen Garden Meditation,
Club Bone A Pawtité Lounge,
 Soothing Brushing, Playtime, Relaxing Warm Towel Massage,
 Plenty of Potty Breaks, Story Time

 Private Walks, Carriage Rides,
Zen Garden Meditation,
Club Bone A Pawtité Lounge, Soothing Brushing, Playtime,
 Relaxing Warm Towel Massage, Plenty of Potty Breaks,
 Story Time
1 - 2 $99.99 1 - 2 $49.99
3 $96.99   3 $46.99
4 - 5 $94.99   4 - 5 $44.99
6 - 7 $92.99   6 - 7 $42.99
8+ $89.99   8+ $39.99

To qualify for the complimentary Canine Imperial spa bath some restrictions apply. A minimum stay of 48 hours is required. Our ability to  bathe your pet  is also dependent on size, age, coat condition, temperment, medical condition & existing grooming schedule  

*All service is subject to NYS SALES TAX*

*Due to volume of business reservations are recommended*

*Failure to cancel your boarding reservation will require
full prepayment on future reservations*

*An additional convenience fee will apply for drop off
 and pick up service before 6:00 am and after 9:30 pm.

All Pricing Subject To  Change Without Notice